Man from the USA punches a bear in the face


The idea that you have a bear in front of you is a terrifying feeling, while a man seems completely unfazed by this wild animal that he confronted – and even punched him in the face.

Security cameras have captured the moment when a brown bear that seems to have been hiding on the man’s private property suddenly attacks the dog, and the man immediately reacts, appears to be drawn to the pet and, as a sign of a gun, punches the bear.

If it weren’t for the security cameras, of course this story would sound unbelievable to many, but in fact such a thing happened.

The incident took place in the north of the USA, and the man not only punches the bear, but also grabs a shovel with which he persistently asks him to hit him, but it seems that the animal had run away.

This man’s action has been highly appreciated, due to the fact that he had his girlfriend with him, who watched in amazement as the animal almost choked his dog.

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