Dave GQ88 newest Hit “I will make you Dance”

Dave GQ88 - "I will make you Dance"

Experience the Infectious Rhythms and Soulful Vocals of Afrobeat Artist Dave GQ88 in his Latest Single “I will make you dance”. German-based music artist Dave GQ88 makes waves in the music scene with his electrifying Afrobeat performances. With years of experience in the industry, Dave has honed his craft and has become a highly sought-after performer for various events, including clubs, weddings, festivals, and corporate events.

Starting his career as a rising star in Liberia, Dave has continued to build on his success since moving to Germany. His live performances are engaging, entertaining, deeply emotional, and moving. With his DJ, singer, and entertainer skills, Dave has captured the hearts of many music lovers worldwide.

In addition to his live performances, Dave GQ88 has made a name for himself on YouTube. Since starting his channel in 2016, he has gained a loyal following for his unique blend of Afrobeat music and videos showcasing his incredible performer skills.

Dave’s latest song, “I go make you dance,” is an impressive debut in the Afrobeat genre. The song is a captivating blend of infectious beats, sensual moves, and irresistible afro vibes that will keep you dancing all night. The accompanying music video, realized by G-Manu, perfectly captures the energy and excitement of the song, further highlighting Dave’s talent as an artist.

For those unfamiliar with Afrobeat, it is a music genre that originated in West Africa in the 1960s and combined elements of traditional African music with jazz, funk, and soul. It is known for its infectious rhythms, powerful vocals, and danceable beats, making it a popular choice for parties and events.

With his impressive talent and infectious energy, Dave GQ88 will continue making waves in the music industry for years. Fans of Afrobeat and music lovers, in general, should keep an eye out for this rising star as he takes the world by storm.

See all songs from Dave on Youtube here!

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