Adele disappeared from the stage during a performance


The British singer, Adele, has left the audience stunned at her show in Las Vegas, after she disappeared from the stage in an instant.

The 34-year-old appears to have vanished into thin air during a performance as part of her much-anticipated show in Las Vegas called “Weekends with Adele”.

A video of Adele’s performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has been shared on Twitter.

Captioned: “Where the hell did she go?”, the video shows the singer raising her arms to sustained applause before a shower of pink confetti falls around her, causing the singer to disappear.

“I freaked out for a second when this happened, I was like, ‘Where is she?!'” one fan admitted in the comments below the video, while others wrote that they thought the same.

It was unclear how Adele managed to disappear from the stage so quickly, leaving fans in the audience quite confused.

The singer’s series of performances in Las Vegas was originally supposed to start in January of this year, but thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a big delay and they had to be postponed.

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