Two key bridges out of service for Russians in Kherson

Two key bridges out of service for Russians in Kherson.

Two key road bridges providing Russian access to occupied Ukrainian territory on the west bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region are now probably out of order and cannot be used for important military supplies, British military intelligence said on Saturday.

Even if Russia manages to carry out significant repairs to the bridges, they will remain vulnerable, the UK Ministry of Defense announced.

“Land supply for the several thousand Russian troops on the west coast almost certainly relies on just two pontoon ferry crossings,” the ministry said in an updated intelligence briefing.

Because their supply chain is limited, the size of any reserves Russia has been able to establish on the west coast is likely to be a key factor in the viability of those forces, British intelligence said.

Ukraine announced earlier that it will launch an offensive to retake its occupied territories in the south of the country.

Otherwise, Russia has continued with the attacks, causing casualties and material damage.

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