7 Ways to Spend Your Ethereum Cryptocurrency

Since the past few decades, the landscape of cryptocurrency has been transforming at a rapid pace, captivating the imaginations of world economies. It has become the go-to option to make payments and is a gateway to exciting opportunities. It is no longer a speculative asset you can use only for gambling. There’s so much more to crypto – especially Ethereum.

ETH is a renowned digital token that set out to decentralize the internet, instead of solely using blockchain to record financial transactions. Since its usage is growing rapidly, let’s discuss the best ways to spend it.

  • Artwork

Purchasing artwork with cryptocurrency was probably the only thing people did before it became legal. If you are an art enthusiast and have a lot of ETH lying around, spend it on great pieces. Although not all, several retailers accept it as a legal payment mode, which gives you access to global artwork.

It is a hassle-free option, as buyers don’t need to calculate the exchange rate and pay through a bank account.

  • Home Theater

If you have been dreaming of turning a spare room into a personal theater, it is time to bring the dream to life.

Everyone knows how expensive home theaters are. You might have to live from hand to mouth for a few months if you want to buy it. Fortunately, some online stores have made it easier to purchase it by accepting ETH tokens. However, before buying, ensure the platform is legitimate.

  • Gambling Games

Are you a fan of gaming? But want to earn money while playing with them? Well, if so, nothing could be better than gambling. Many consider betting an illegal activity. But if it is played within limits, it could be the best way to earn side income.

You can find various legible platforms allowing players to gamble in return for cryptocurrency. If you play with patience and a fresh mind, you can win a jackpot and even the highest payouts! Ethereum in a casino is a legal payment mode, and better than any other currency due to high bonus rates, faster withdrawals, anonymous plays, and better volatility.

  • Subscriptions

Another great way to use ETH is by buying subscriptions to any streaming platform, course, or music. For instance, you can use the token to buy a subscription to Twitch, a popular streaming and gaming platform among youngsters.

  • Food

Don’t want to pay the delivery boy with a bank account, don’t worry, ETH has got your back! It is a popular platform among today’s generation who often use it to pay for their favorite meals. Some platforms offer discounts and gifts to individuals who pay for their food through Ethereum.

  • Real Estate

If you have more crypto than cash but don’t know how to use it, consider investing in real estate. Buying a virtual land is the best way to put your funds to use. Although the land is not real, blockchain records your ownership, and you can sell it later without involving the intermediaries.

  • Gift Cards

If you have a lot of cryptos lying around but don’t know how to use them, investing in gift cards can be a great save. You can buy them from any place that accepts ETH and share them with your friends or family.

To Sum Up

ETH is all-pervasive, maybe that’s why its usage and buys are growing rapidly worldwide. You can use it to buy smartphones, vehicles, gaming consoles, watches, and more cryptocurrency. Since the acceptance of ETH is rising, companies are issuing crypto debit cards, as it promote flexibility, involves faster transaction speed, and hassle-free payment.

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