Why EU aid to Turkey are not useful

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Despite the strong earthquake, Turkey is bombing Kurdish areas in northern Syria.

The blockade of Kurdish areas worsens the situation in the border crossings, they remain closed for humanitarian aid.

The strong earthquake does not prevent Turkey from bombing government areas in Syria. The (GfbV) in Göttingen criticizes: “Turkey attacked the earthquake-affected area around Tal Rifaad around midnight.

North of Aleppo, Kurdish refugees from the Afrin region were bombed,” said STP Middle East expert Dr. Kamal Sido. “It is outrageous that a NATO country deliberately exacerbates a humanitarian disaster.

There is no question of criticizing other NATO countries. The blockade of the Kurdish areas of northern Syria by Turkey and its Western partners worsened the situation in the earthquake zones.

Now many of the wounded cannot be treated,” Sido said. “Assad not only prevented the supply of Kurdish areas on his own, but Turkey did as well. In particular, Turkey kept border crossings to Kurdish areas of northern Syria closed to the delivery of humanitarian aid.

The consequences of this ongoing blockade are now being borne by the traumatized, freezing locals.

Almost all border crossings in northern Syria are under Turkish control. It would not take a UN Security Council resolution to open them,” Sido said. “These borders have always been open to Islamist militants and modern weapons. Now, humanitarian supplies must finally be allowed through to northern Syria and all of Syria.

For this, the German government must make no special effort and also attach a corresponding condition to the EU aid to Turkey that the fighting in this crisis area cease. According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the death toll in Syria has risen to 1,600. The small Kurdish town of Jindires, west of Afrin City, was heavily damaged. The city of Aleppo in northern Syria was also severely damaged.

It is a tragedy also on the part of Turkey and in principle the EU aids are human and meaningful, but the acting, of the Turkish dictator opposite the people in Syria far inhuman. On the one hand, ask for help, respectively demand it and on the other hand have money available to aggravate the misfortune of the people a few kilometers away.

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