Deadly Earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria

Deadly 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake strikes Turkey and Syria, causing widespread damage and fatalities

An enormous and deadly earthquake of 7.8 struck Southern and Central Turkey and Western Syria on February 6, 2023, leaving behind a trail of destruction and deaths. The earthquake is regarded as one of the most powerful to have ever struck the region, and it is tied with the earthquake that occurred in Erzincan in 1939 for the title of the most powerful recorded earthquake in the history of modern Turkey. The earthquake was followed by a series of aftershocks, the strongest of which occurred 9 hours after the initial quake and measured 7.5 on the moment magnitude scale.

Where and what brought it about

The earthquake’s epicenter was found in the neighborhood of a triple junction between the plates of the Anatolian, Arabian, and African continents. It’s possible that it happened on the East Anatolian Fault or the Dead Sea Transform Fault Zone, but both are possibilities. Both the East Anatolian Fault and the Dead Sea Transform extend north-south from the Red Sea. The East Anatolian Fault is a sinistral transform fault that is 700 kilometers long, and the Dead Sea Transform extends north-south from the Red Sea. It is known for causing several significant historical earthquakes in the past.


Damage caused by the earthquake was extensive across Turkey, with at least 4,544 deaths reported in 10 different provinces and 26,721 people injured due to the quake. A total of 11,302 buildings were destroyed across the country, most of which were located in Adyaman and Diyarbakir. In addition, historical sites, such as the well-known Gaziantep Castle, sustained significant damage. One hundred forty-six people were killed, and 2,611 others were injured in the Adana Province. It was reported that there were 166 deaths and 3,298 injuries in the Malatya Province, in addition to destroying at least 300 buildings. At least 481 fatalities and 3,890 injuries were reported in the Gaziantep Province.

In the province of Hatay, there were a total of 872 fatalities and 2,766 injuries. There was significant damage done to many buildings, among which were two regional hospitals and a police station. In addition, the runway at Hatay Airport was lifted and split in two, resulting in several flight cancellations.

Efforts Made in Search and Rescue and Relief

Efforts are currently being made to search for survivors who may still be buried beneath the rubble as part of rescue and relief operations that are now underway. The areas that have been impacted have seen the deployment of emergency teams and organizations that provide aid to assist those in need. The government of Turkey has declared a state of emergency in a number of the country’s provinces.

The earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria serves as a harrowing illustration of the destructive potential of natural disasters and the critical importance of being prepared. We are keeping all of those affected by the earthquake in our thoughts and prayers, and we are keeping the region in our hopes for a speedy and uncomplicated recovery.

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