Ukrainians blow up the ammunition depot of the Russians


The office of the head of the administration of the Luhansk region, Sehiy Gaidai, has published footage of an attack on the Russian army in Svatovo.

Aerial footage shows Russian soldiers, as well as trucks full of ammunition, standing next to a facility they used as a weapons depot.

Everything seemed fine at first, but then the missile shell directly hits the object which blows it up and almost nothing remains of that object.

The explosion was so powerful that after the black smoke cleared, it was hardly noticeable that the object was there a few seconds earlier.

In this attack, dozens of Russian soldiers, who were inside the building as well as in the parked trucks at that time, lost their lives.

Similar missile attacks, the Ukrainians have often received modern weapons from Western countries, forcing the Russians to withdraw from many regions they had occupied.

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