There is no “mercy” for Bolsonaro’s supporters


Brazilian security forces have arrested 1,200 people for the violent entry of supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro into the Brazilian Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace.

Hundreds of demonstrators who are refusing to accept the results of the elections and the victory of Bolsonaro’s rival, Inacio Lula Da Silva, have “camped” in protest, and last night they went a step further – they entered the facilities of the federal authorities, causing great damage material.

One of the judges of the Supreme Court in Brazil ordered that their “camps” in front of the General Headquarters and in other places be dispersed, and the most arrests were made at the General Headquarters of the Brazilian army.

Bolsonaro’s supporters were seen packing things that they put into buses that were parked in front of the General Headquarters. Demonstrators have been “camping” since December, when the election results were published.

The Minister of Justice, Flavio Dino, announced last night that 40 buses were confiscated after they were used to transport demonstrators from different parts of Brazil towards Brasilia, and investigations are trying to determine who financed these protests, announcing through Telegram that there was free bus transportation where everything was free: water, coffee, breakfast and lunch.

Lula da Silva from the left won a close race against rival Jair Bolsonaro, who dismissed claims that voting machines were rigged.

Bolsonaro’s administration handed over power to the new administration, but Bolsonaro himself accepted defeat and before the New Year, traveled by plane to the US apparently with the idea of avoiding being present at Da Silva’s inauguration.

Bolsonaro’s supporters did not back down and demanded military intervention because of “stolen votes”.

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