The flooded streets of San Francisco


San Francisco saw heavy rainfall over the weekend due to extreme weather conditions.

As a result, they flooded various parts of the city, resulting in road closures and half-submerged cars.

John Shrable, a meteorologist, has shared a video on Twitter, where he shows how one of the residents was trying to escape from the water.

In his tweet, he said the city had received over 12 inches of rain.

However, he did not mention the names of the areas that saw heavy rainfall or the location of the person moving the rickshaw on the road.

Another video posted by Raj Mathai, , showed individuals driving through flooded streets in Palo Alto, California.

Meanwhile, various parts of California saw heavy rain, snow and wind on Saturday, which caused flooding and landslides as another “atmospheric river” hit the West Coast, leading to “extreme” weather conditions.

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