Prisoners are caught partying with cannabis and vodka


Convicted criminals have been spotted partying with booze and drugs in ‘Britain’s nicest prison’.

The images show prisoners ‘drinking’ – as well as enjoying party food – at HMP Five Wells in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

The inmates then dance to the music and appear to smoke cannabis.

G4S, which runs the prison, said all the cells of the prisoners involved in the video had been searched and ‘appropriate action’ had been taken, with the prisoners involved reported and set to be drug tested.

A spokesperson said: “Our dedicated staff work tirelessly to detect, intercept and confiscate contraband. Anyone found with a cell phone, drugs or alcohol in jail is breaking the law and could face additional time behind bars.”

Five Wells, a Category C prison for men, is the UK’s first private mega prison and has a clear focus on the rehabilitation of offenders.

It has bright and airy rooms offering wonderful lakeside views, free use of football pitches and beautiful landscaped gardens.

Costing £253m (€288m) to build, it is seen as a prime example of the government’s aim to create a ‘modern and efficient asset’.

Its buildings are in the shape of a cross and hold up to 1,680 prisoners, who sleep in brightly decorated rooms with ample space.

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