Borrell: In 2022, the world became a worse place to live

Josep Borell

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell stated that in 2022, the world became a worse place to live due to human rights violations, conflicts and crises in Ukraine, Iran, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Myanmar, China and other countries.

Borell wrote on his blog that this year, 75 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world is a different place because of the great geopolitical divisions, which, he says, are disturbing.

He added that new technologies are being used for mass surveillance and that the effects of climate change are fueling the conflict.

“Growing geopolitical divisions are particularly worrisome because they tend to give the false impression that the world as a whole no longer has a common language. But actually, we have. We must remember what unites us, more than eight billion people and 193 members of the UN. And for that it is good to go back 75 years”, he wrote.

Borell emphasizes that human rights are the basis of the European Union’s relations with the rest of the world and that they are a key priority of the EU’s foreign policy.

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