Zelensky: Russia still has enough missiles


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russia still has enough missiles for several such mass attacks, as was the case on December 16.

“We have enough determination and self-confidence to return ours after these blows”, said Zelensky in his evening address.

“No matter what the missile fanatics from Moscow are calculating, it still won’t change the balance of power in this war,” he added.

He recalled that 60 of the 76 missiles were shot down. “But, unfortunately, there are setbacks. Terrorists need such a mass of missile attacks that at least some of their “products” reach their intended targets. All their targets today are civilian, and these are mainly energy supply and heating facilities,” said Zelensky.

“Perhaps, as a result of this war, the meaning of the word ‘terror’ for most people in the world will be mainly associated with such crazy actions of Russia.”

On December 16, Russia carried out its 9th massive attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Half of the consumers were left without electricity.

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