Ukraine says it has shot down 60 of 70 russian missiles


Russia has fired a barrage of missiles at targets across Ukraine for the eighth time in eight weeks.

Significant power outages have been reported there, mainly in the east.

Also in the south, Odesa was without power while Ukraine says four people were killed.

But the attacks, which came nearly two weeks after the last, may have done less damage than in previous cases.

Ukraine says it shot down 60 of the 70 missiles fired by Russia, while Moscow says it hit all 17 of its targets.

In his video address late Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the attacks had also hit power supplies in neighboring Moldova.

“This proves once again that Russia’s ability to carry out such massive terrorist attacks is a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to our entire region.”

Previous Russian attacks have hit Ukraine’s power grid, leaving millions without electricity and heat as winter approaches.

Warnings that Russia was planning a new wave of attacks have been circulating for several days.

They finally arrived just hours after a series of explosions at two air bases deep inside Russia, which Moscow blamed on Ukrainian drones “captured” by Russian air defenses.

Three servicemen were killed and two planes were slightly damaged by the explosions, the Russian defense ministry said, while Ukraine has yet to comment on such a development.

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