Ukraine publishes instructions for Russians who surrender


The General Staff of the Ukrainian army has published a video instruction for Russian troops, which explains the handover procedure with the help of a Ukrainian drone.

A video with detailed instructions in Russian has been published on the Facebook page of the General Staff.

Russian soldiers who want to surrender must inform the coordinators of the Ukrainian “I want to live” program, who will give them a deadline for the arrival of the drone.

Once the drone appears, the soldiers must confirm their intention to surrender by raising their hands, and then follow the drone to the rendezvous point with the Ukrainian soldiers.

The Ukrainian side believes that using drones to mediate the delivery will help make the whole process safer.

In November, a video circulating on Telegram showed the execution of at least 10 Russian prisoners near the village of Makiivka, which had a demotivating effect on all Russian soldiers planning to surrender. The Russian authorities announced that they would look for the “authors of this crime”.

Mihaylo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, claimed that Kiev has the full version of the recording of the alleged execution of prisoners of war.

He said some of the Russian soldiers in the video really wanted to surrender, but at the same time others opened fire on the Ukrainian army.

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