Truck falls on the cars that had an accident beforehand


Three people were injured after a large truck rolled off a freeway ramp and crashed into the scene of an accident that had occurred just minutes earlier on a freeway in Los Angeles.

The chaotic crash happened amid heavy traffic at the intersection between the 14 and 5 freeways in Santa Clarita as the roads were slick from the rain.

A passer-by was filming the first crash, involving a semi truck and an SUV, when suddenly, a truck rolls over the guardrail and lands right on top of the already damaged vehicles.

Tommy Dorado, who filmed the crash, said he was concerned that first responders on the scene might have been injured.

No first responders were injured, county officials confirmed, but two people were transported to local hospitals as a result of the accidents and one was treated at the scene.

No one was in the SUV when the truck crashed into them, police officials said.

Otherwise, the American police have launched investigations into these consecutive accidents.

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