Three dead, six states without power after the storm


A severe winter storm has left a trail of destruction in the southern US, destroying communities and killing three people in Louisiana.

The weather has also left tens of thousands of people without power in six states.

To the east, about 11 million people in Florida and Georgia are still facing the threat of tornadoes.

In Louisiana, officials have so far confirmed three deaths and dozens of injuries as a result of the storm.

In one incident, a 56-year-old woman near New Orleans was killed after a tornado destroyed her home.

Communities across the state reported heavy damage, including downed power lines and collapsed buildings.

In Jefferson Parish – a suburb of New Orleans – the sheriff’s office said homes and businesses in the area had “suffered catastrophic damage”.

Louisiana resident Michael Willis said being close to a tornado near Harvey’s town was the “scariest thing” he’s ever experienced.

The tornado “lifted him into the air” as he sat in his car as debris shattered his windshield.

“It happened quickly,” he said.

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