They were planning a coup in Germany


German prosecutors have revealed the identity of two leaders suspected of coup d’état.

The first is Heinrich XIII. P.R, while the second Reudiger v.P. Meanwhile, according to German privacy laws, the publication of suspects’ surnames is prohibited.

Heinrich XIII, a 71-year-old who comes from a noble German family and Ruediger v. P. is a 69-year-old former paratrooper.

According to prosecutors, the conspirators planned to install Heinrich XIII. P.R. as the new leader of Germany. He had made contact with Russian officials in an attempt to establish a new order in Germany after the government in Berlin was toppled.

A Russian woman identified by prosecutors as Vitalia B. allegedly helped him.

An aristocrat referred to by the conspirators as “Prince Heinrich XIII” is a 71-year-old who, according to prosecutors, was one of the ringleaders of the plot to overthrow German democracy.

Heinrich XIII comes from an old noble family known as the “House of Reuss”, which ruled parts of the modern eastern state of Thuringia in Germany until 1918.

All male members of the family are given the name Heinrich with the corresponding number after it.

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