The Russian tycoon, critic of Putin, “falls from the window”


A Russian politician who criticized Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has been found dead.

Multimillionaire Pavel Antov was celebrating his 66th birthday on holiday when he mysteriously fell from a hotel in India.

Indian media reported that the meat tycoon jumped from the roof, but Russia’s consul general Alexei Idamkin insisted he fell from a window.

Married tycoon Antov, listed as Russia’s richest elected politician in 2019, was found in a “pool of blood” in Rayagada, Odisha state – two days after the death of a friend.

Vladimir Budanov, 61, reportedly died of a heart attack on Thursday.

In June, Antov condemned the rocket attacks in Ukraine, saying: “A girl has been pulled out from under the rubble, the girl’s father appears to be dead. The mother is being lifted out with a crane – she is trapped under a slab of concrete. To tell the truth, it is extremely difficult to call this anything but terror.”

But he quickly deleted his post on social media and apologized. He emphasized that it was an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and a technical error.

In September, another Putin critic was found suspiciously dead after a suspected suicide.

Pavel Pchelnikov, 52, was found shot to death on the balcony of his apartment in Moscow.

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