The 28-year-old died while she was working out in the gym


A 28-year-old woman died while exercising at the gym in Ecuador.

The woman, identified as Betsy Dayana Jaramillo Ramirez, is believed to have suffered a heart attack at the Zona Muscular fitness center in Santa Rosa, El Oro province.

Ramirez was caught by the security cameras installed inside the gym exercising, when he suddenly stopped and fell face down on the ground.

Those present who were in the gym run to help him, while when the ambulance arrived, he was urgently sent to the Santa Teresita hospital, where it was found that there are no signs of life.

Police and medical examiners have not yet received final forensic results, but it is believed that Ramirez suffered a heart attack.

The relatives of the deceased said that she had always gone to the gym where she died.

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