Scholz: We will buy American F-35 fighter jets


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has today confirmed his government’s plans to purchase American F-35 fighter jets, which are part of the modernization of the German army.

“Germany will continue to honor its commitment to NATO agreements, including the purchase of dual-capable F-35 fighter jets.”

The term “dual capability” refers to aircraft that can carry both nuclear and non-nuclear missiles.

Tornado fighter jets used by the German military will be replaced by modern F-35 aircraft as part of government activities that, as the German chancellor announced, represent a “turning point in history”.

But the expensive new planes are raising budget concerns among lawmakers.

The Ministry of Defense warned of significant risks in the deal, including potential time delays and cost overruns.

“The Germans intend to become the guarantor of European security, which our allies expect us to be,” said Scholz.

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