Russia-Iran, global threat

White House

Washington warns that Russia and Iran are in close cooperation with each other, aiming for a full partnership in the field of defense.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby says Russia is providing Iran with an unprecedented level of military support.

According to US reports, the two countries are considering joint production of deadly drones.

Australia has announced that it is sanctioning three Iranians over Russia’s use of drones against Ukraine.

Cooperation between Russia and Iran has been in the spotlight recently, with Ukraine accusing Russia of using Iranian drones in its attacks.

After initially denying sending the drones to Russia, the Middle Eastern country later admitted that it had supplied Moscow but before the start of the War.

The US states that a partnership between Iran and Russia to produce drones would be harmful to Ukraine, Iran’s neighbors and the international community.

Even the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom James Cleverly believes that Iran is one of the main military supporters of Russia and that the relationship between them threatens global security.

The White House says that Russia is also reaching out to North Korea for artillery, but Peninai has denied any such thing.

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