Putin does not accept the conditions of the USA and Germany


The White House has confirmed that President Biden is ready to talk to President Putin, if the latter is willing to end the war.

“Biden said, if Putin is ready to end the war in Ukraine, he is ready to talk to him. He also made it clear that Putin is not showing such signals. So, again, we will focus on working with our allies and partners not only to hold Russia accountable, but also to support Ukraine in the battle” – John Kirby, White House spokesman.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz held a telephone conversation with Putin, reiterating that the withdrawal of troops is a precondition for talks.

The Russian president has no intention of giving up the territories occupied during the aggression against Ukraine.

As for Kiev, peace talks are only possible if Russia stops attacks on Ukrainian territory and withdraws from the entire territory, including the Crimean peninsula.

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