Police are not looking for suspects in the aquarium explosion


Berlin police say they are not looking for suspects after Friday’s AquaDom aquarium explosion, alerting the public to what they say is a false tweet suggesting they are looking for suspects.

The aquarium explosion at the Radisson Blu hotel spilled a million liters of saltwater, flooding the hotel and surrounding streets.

Hundreds of fish died and two people were injured by falling glass.

Inspectors now say the building is safe.

A police source told local media on Friday that there was no evidence that the explosion at the 15.85 meter high aquarium was the result of a targeted attack.

They have also taken to social media to refute a post from a copycat account asking for the public’s help in tracking down suspects linked to the incident.

A tweet from the real Berlin police account said they were not associated with the fake post and asked people not to re-share it.

An investigation into the exact cause of the explosion is ongoing, but there has been speculation that freezing temperatures – which fell to minus 6 degrees Celsius overnight on Friday – may have caused a breach in the reservoir.

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