MiG plane crashes in Croatia, both pilots found


A Croatian Air Force MiG 21 plane crashed today.

According to initial information, the crash was a result of engine failure, and after a successful search, both pilots were found.

After an engine failure, both pilots were ejected, the first was found immediately after the crash, while the second was searched for almost two hours and according to initial information, he has leg injuries.

We recall that earlier the Ministry of Defense of Croatia confirmed that a MiG-21 plane crashed in the area near Slatina in the Virovitica-Podravine district.

“The pilots are in a stable condition, out of danger and will be transported to the hospital for medical check-up, they were successfully ejected from the MIG-21 two-seater aircraft, which crashed during a planned training activity near Slatina and landed”, announced the Croatian Ministry of Defense.

The MiG-21 is a fighter jet designed in the 1960s in the Soviet Union. In total, more than 11 thousand copies were produced, and it was used by the air forces of many countries of the world.

Seven MiG-21 aircraft were in service in Croatia and they are scheduled to be completely replaced by French-made Rafale F3-R aircraft in 2024.

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