MEPs react after the Qatar scandal


Various MEPs have called to go to the end of the corruption affair, as such a phenomenon damages European institutions and weakens Europe.

“It is very harmful for the EU if members of the European Parliament or other politicians are bought to vote in certain ways. It’s a disaster that makes Europe weaker, so it’s in everyone’s interest that we get to the bottom of this issue and pass laws to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again. What happened was very wrong and we must work to repair it,” said Niels Fuglsang, Danish MEP, Social Democrats.

Experts also say that the EU as a whole should elaborate anti-corruption legislation as it is currently missing and investigative proceedings are being carried out according to Belgian law.

“I believe it would be very important for the EU to think seriously about these issues and prepare for such situations in the future, proposing its own legislation to manage such cases and to enable cooperation between countries’ authorities easier and more guaranteed member”, says Tamas Lattman, legal expert.

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