Medvedev predicts a war between France and Germany


Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, a staunch Vladimir Putin loyalist who was given a new job this week, predicted a war between Germany and France next year and a civil war in the United States that would lead to the election of Elon Musk president.

Medvedev, the vice chairman of Putin’s security advisory council, served as president during a four-year period when Putin held the post of prime minister.

He appears to have seen his fortunes rise in the Kremlin, which said on Monday that he would now serve as Putin’s deputy on a body that oversees the military industry.

In his list of predictions for 2023, published on his personal Telegram and Twitter accounts, he predicted, among other things, “the reunification of Britain in the EU”.

Medvedev has praised Musk in the past for Ukraine’s proposal to cede territory to Russia in a peace deal.

Since the start of Russia’s aggression on February 24, Medvedev has been “framed” in apocalyptic, religious terms and referring to Ukrainians as “cockroaches” in language that Kiev says is openly genocidal.

Last week he made a rare visit to China, holding foreign policy talks with President Xi Jinping.

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