Klitschko: Kiev is threatened by an apocalypse


The mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, has said that the apocalypse awaits in the Ukrainian capital if the Russian attacks continue.

He said it is not time for a complete evacuation of the population, but warned that the worst possible scenario is not that far off.

“Kiev has been left without electricity, water and heating. There is a possibility that the apocalypse will hit us, just like in Hollywood movies. It will be impossible to live in these temperatures”, said Klitschko, former world champion in boxing.

“What can I tell you? We are still fighting and doing our best to prevent such a scenario from happening,” he added.

The biggest problem is that at the moment Kyiv does not have enough heated shelters.

“We have prepared about 500 heated shelters, but in a city with 3.6 million inhabitants, this is nothing. Unfortunately, if the power supply continues to be problematic, we will be forced to drain the water from the buildings. In these temperatures, there is a possibility of cracks in the pipes and the complete supply of water would be threatened”, warned the mayor of Kyiv.

Klitschko asked citizens to prepare the most basic things for a possible evacuation.

“Prepare food, water, documents and thick clothes in case you are immediately forced to leave the city”, emphasized Klitschko.

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