Kim Jong Un reveals his “wish list for 2023

Kim Jong un

North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un, has today revealed his “wish list” for 2023 for his military.

On the second day of the ruling Workers’ Party plenary meeting, the 38-year-old “reviewed the security challenges on the Korean Peninsula.”

Experts believe Kim may be planning to expand his nuclear arsenal and acquire high-tech weapons systems such as missiles, a spy satellite, advanced drones and a more versatile long-range weapon.

They say he would eventually aim to use his increased nuclear power “to force rivals to accept the North as a legitimate nuclear state”.

As the media noted, the dictator “defined new goals to strengthen the self-defense capability that will be pushed forward next year,” state media reported.

It is an indication that he will continue his provocative series of weapons displays, which last week saw him test a ballistic missile off the coast of Japan.

His statement comes as hostilities with rival South Korea escalated sharply this week with the South accusing the North of flying drones across the border for the first time in five years.

In response, the South also raised three drones across the border, Defense Minister Lee Jong-sup told lawmakers today.

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