Germany will increase arms supplies to Ukraine


Germany understands Ukraine’s needs for weapons and will increase its supplies.

This is what the Ukrainian media reports that the ambassador of Ukraine in Germany, Oleksii Makeiev, said.

“We were assured in the direct talks that there will be more weapons and ammunition”, the Ukrainian ambassador is quoted as saying.

However, he did not specify the types of weapons, explaining that he did not want to put diplomatic pressure on the federal government, although he called on Germany to speed up planned shipments.

He noted that in addition to the first Iris-T air defense system, which is working perfectly, Ukrainian forces need more air defense systems, self-propelled howitzers, Gepard systems and ammunition.

Also, Makeiev said that negotiations continue regarding possible supplies of Marder IFVs and Leopard tanks.

However, the final decision on this must be approved by the German government, he added.

“We expect the German government to respond more quickly to our proposals and demands. I already see positive dynamics here”.

Germany is currently the EU’s largest supplier of arms and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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