Fight in the Parliament of Turkey


A Turkish opposition lawmaker was rushed to hospital and placed in intensive care in Ankara after being hit in the head during a fight in parliament.

The fight broke out during the debate on the state budget for 2023, Turkish media reports.

“His condition worsened due to a blow to the head. He was undergoing resuscitation at the hospital”, and the condition of 58-year-old Husein Orsa Orsa from “Iyi Parti” is “critical”, said Aileen Chesur to co-party journalists.

“Our MP became the victim of a serious attack… This is a day of shame for the Parliament of Turkey and for those who carried out this aggression”, said the spokesperson of the opposition party.

In the video footage, Ors, an MP from Trabzon, is seen being punched by a member of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party, who has not yet commented.

Arguments and exchanges of blows are a frequent occurrence during tense debates in the Turkish Parliament.

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