Explosion in a hotel in the occupied part of Kherson


A huge explosion and fire has occurred in a building that used to be a hotel in Russian-occupied Kherson.

The footage shows the heavily damaged Salamar hotel in the village of Port Zaliznyi in the Skadovsk district.

Ukrainian unofficial media reported that the Russian FSB security service was stationed at the hotel.

Local witnesses described a series of explosions in the district.

However, neither Russian-appointed local officials nor the Ukrainian military have commented on the reports.

Skadovsk is located on the Black Sea coast and part of the wider Kherson region, which is not fully controlled by either side in the conflict.

Russian officials have moved command posts away from the city of Kherson and toward Crimea since Ukrainians liberated the west bank of the Dnipro River and took control of the city.

Earlier this week, there was an assassination attempt against a Russian-appointed official in Skadovsk, according to pro-Russian authorities in the area.

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