Britain, Italy and Japan join forces for 6th generation jet

Air Force

Great Britain, Italy and Japan have formed an alliance in the defense sector to design and manufacture the fighter jet of the future.

It is about a supersonic aircraft of the sixth generation, which is expected to replace the current “Eurofighter Tayphoon”, the fruit of cooperation between Italy, Britain, Germany and Spain.

The announcement was made by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who confirmed the news that had been circulating in the international media for days.

“Security for the UK, both today and for generations to come, will be this government’s number 1 priority. For this reason, we must remain at the vanguard of defense technology advancements, surpassing and defeating those who want to do us harm,” declared Sunak.

Work on the development of the project has begun and the aim is to create an aerial combat vehicle that will be equipped with speed, stealth from radar, advanced sensors and even artificial intelligence to assist the pilot when he is overloaded or under pressure.

The plane, which will be called “Storm”, will be able to fly without the help of the pilot if this is required and will be able to fire hypersonic missiles.

But the production of such an aircraft has an extremely high cost. To date, the production of the “F35” type has been the most expensive program designed by the Pentagon, so Britain was looking for partners.

Italy was involved and now, Japan’s commitment is a significant move at a time when Britain is trying to find allies in the Indo-Pacific region, worried by Chinese supremacy.

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