Big fire in New York, eight people injured

Police Station

Eight people were injured during the fire that occurred yesterday in the New York police warehouse where DNA evidence from the crime scene is stored.

The fire at the Erie Basin Auto Pound, located on the Brooklyn waterfront, broke out around 10:30 a.m., FDNI Chief John Hodgens said.

Firefighters, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as the vessels from which the warehouse was supplied, took part in extinguishing the fire.

Hodgens said it could take several days to bring the fire under control.

He added that three firefighters, three ambulance workers and two civilians suffered minor injuries while extinguishing the fire.

Otherwise, the warehouse stores DNA evidence from the crime scene, as well as New York State Police bicycles, motorcycles and vehicles.

The police sometimes use it for public events where they destroy illegal motorbikes, scooters and confiscated cars.

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