Biden: I didn’t expect Russia to be so brutal in Ukraine


Joe Biden has said at the press conference that the US stands with its allies “as strong as ever” against Russia’s “brutal war” in Ukraine.

The American president has welcomed the French president, Emmanuel Macron, to the White House.

Biden said that support will continue in the face of Russian aggression, which he adds has been “extremely brutal”. He added that “I knew Russia was brutal, but I didn’t expect them to be as brutal as they are so far.”

“Today we reaffirm that we will stand together against this brutality. We will continue this strong support for the Ukrainian people as they defend their homes, their families, their hospitals, their nurseries, their sovereignty, their integrity, against Russian aggression,” he declared.

He adds that France has welcomed more than 100 thousand Ukrainian refugees and on this occasion he thanked Macron.

“Attacking civilian infrastructure, destroying energy in Europe to drive up prices, worsening food crisis. This is hurting very vulnerable people not only in Ukraine, but around the world. But he will not succeed. We will work together to hold Russia accountable for their actions and mitigate the global impacts of Putin’s war on the rest of the world,” the US president said.

The US president says the country is helping Europe and that a new deal has been agreed with France on nuclear energy.

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