Another suspicious death in the Russian elite


A major Russian shipyard specializing in the construction of non-nuclear submarines has announced that its executive director, Alexander Buzakov, has died suddenly on Saturday, after 11 years on the job, without giving details about the cause of death.

Admiralty Shipyards, based in the western port of St. Petersburg, announced in a statement the death of Alexander Buzakov. He was director since August 2012

The shipyard builds upgraded Kilo-class diesel submarines capable of launching Kalibr missiles. In April, Moscow said it used an oil-fired submarine in the Black Sea to attack Ukrainian military targets with the Kalibr.

Interestingly, such mysterious deaths have occurred in large numbers in Russia since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine.

Previously, powerful people of the Kremlin had died in mysterious circumstances, but who were considered to have turned their backs on Putin after the start of the war in Ukraine.

Most of them have been found dead in their mountain villas, and all of them once had close ties to Putin but have recently “deviated” from his line – fueling suspicions that they may have been eliminated by Russian FSB.

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