Violent protests at the world’s largest iPhone factory


Violent protests have erupted at the world’s largest iPhone factory in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou, according to footage widely shared online.

In the video, hundreds of workers were seen marching and on occasion they were confronted by police officials.

iPhone maker Foxconn has said it will work with staff and local government to prevent further violence.

She said in a statement that some workers had dilemmas about payment, but they will be paid according to the contracts.

There have also been rumors on social networks that young workers have been asked to live in the same rooms as workers who are infected with the coronavirus.

But Foxconn has said that dormitories are disinfected and inspected by local officials before new workers move into them.

Last month, an increase in the number of infected people was reported in the area near the factory, which prompted some workers to leave their workplaces and go to their homes.

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