Ukrainian army seizes military equipment of Russian forces


Fierce fighting between Ukrainians and Russians continues in almost every part of Ukraine’s territory.

On the other hand, the Russians are continuing to bombard the energy infrastructure of the Ukrainians, with the sole aim of leaving them without lights, heating and drinking water.

This has caused the Ukrainian authorities to call for saving electricity, while in some regions they are getting ready for the evacuation of civilians, as sub-zero temperatures are endangering their lives, in places where there is a lack of electricity, water and heating.

Meanwhile, the counter-offensive of the Ukrainians is continuing, forcing the Russian occupation forces to withdraw from many regions, fearing that they may be surrounded and suffer badly.

And with the acquisition of modern weapons from Western countries, the Ukrainians have managed to turn the tide of the war – inflicting heavy losses on the enemy forces in both men and war machines.

Ukrainians are even confiscating large amounts of ammunition, weapons, tanks, other armored vehicles and artillery every day.

According to Kiev, the amount of weapons confiscated by the Russians has exceeded the figure of 2 billion dollars.

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