The first death sentence for a protest participant in Iran


On Sunday, a court in Tehran handed down the first death sentence to a person.

He will be sentenced for participating in the “riots”, the judicial agency Mizan reported, calling the current demonstrations that have shaken Iran for almost two months after the death of Mahsa Amin, after the young woman had not put on the hijab properly.

According to the court’s decision, the man was sentenced to death after being found guilty of “setting fire to the government building, disrupting public order, organizing a gathering with the purpose of a crime against national security and being called an enemy of God.”

Another court sentenced five people to five to ten years in prison “for gathering with the intention of committing a criminal offense against the state and for disrupting public order.”

Iran has been rocked by unrest since September 16, when a 22-year-old Kurdistan woman died in custody in violation of the Islamic Republic’s dress code.

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