The EU and the US will supply Ukraine with generators


The EU will supply Ukraine with 200 medium transformers, one large autotransformer and 40 generators.

The news was announced by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen after a telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

Lithuania will reportedly donate 200 medium-sized transformers and one large autotransformer, Latvia will supply Ukraine with one medium-sized autotransformer, and 40 heavy-duty generators will be provided by the Romania-based rescEU stockpile .

The transformers, which step up or down the voltage on the grid, are absolutely necessary because when Russia hits power plants with missiles, it destroys them.

In addition, France announced that it is sending to Ukraine 100 generators with a capacity of 50-100 kilowatts – that is, each of them can fully provide electricity for several dozen apartments or houses.

These generators, as announced by the French Foreign Ministry, are already on their way and will be handed over to the Ukrainian authorities in the coming days.

The set of tools will be part of a pan-European project, within which Ukraine will receive more than 500 generators.

In addition, USAID delivered 80 generators and 22,500 blankets to the Ukrainians.

The funds are only part of the overall assistance program that Ukraine receives through USAID.

In early November, a representative of the US State Department said that USAID plans to deliver 1,600 generators to Ukraine.

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