Sheltered in monasteries, 6 million Ukrainians without power


Many residents of Bohorodychne, a town in the Donetsk region destroyed after heavy fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces in September, are now taking refuge in the Orthodox monastery, Sviatohirsk Lavra.

Near a broken bridge, workers are repairing the damaged roof of the monastery that was not spared from the conflict.

“They told us that we can stay as long as we want because we have nowhere to go, our entire village has been destroyed, turned into ruins, not a single house has survived. At the moment we have what we need, thanks to God they take care of us spiritually and physically, they support us”, says Vira Larina, resident of Bohorodychne.

Following the massive rocket attacks that hit the country this week, President Zelensky declared that six million Ukrainian households are still without electricity.

The lack of energy and water in these cold days makes the life of Ukrainians even more difficult.

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