Russians are threatened with death if they defect


The Russian soldier who was recruited as a result of partial mobilization claims that Russian superiors are fleeing the front in Ukraine.

This soldier, during a given conversation, said that he experienced the shelling of Ukrainian forces near Makiivka in the Luhansk region, where the superiors of his unit fled from the front line – until the entire battalion was ordered to open istikas and guard the positions their fighting.

The soldier, identified as Oleksi Agafonov, said that about 500 mobilized Russian soldiers were killed by the Ukrainian shelling, and that in one day.

“We have been told that we have three shovels for one battalion. We started to open the gates as much as we could, and in the morning the shelling started,” he added.

“When everything started, our superiors immediately fled. During the shelling, we tried to continue with the excavations, but the helicopters located us and started shooting at us”, added the Russian soldier.

Agafonov said the Russians, who were recruited as part of Putin’s mobilization decree, do not want to fight and are bringing conscripts from across the country to the front lines to plug holes in the defense.

“They are showing images on television that everything is fine, and here in the Luhansk region the mobilized have been sent to the front. When we left there without the officers who had fled, we turned around and saw the soldiers with contracts and volunteers who were on the third line, and the mobilized were being sent to the front line”, Agafonov said among other things.

According to him, within the Russian army “confusion and complete discord reign”.

“All the survivors and young soldiers are being dispersed to battalions, from where they are being sent to the throne line to fill the defense holes,” he added.

The news that Russian military commanders are pulling out comes after Britain’s Ministry of Defense assessed that officers in the Russian unit were likely to threaten to shoot defectors.

The news that the Russian commanders are withdrawing comes after the British Ministry of Defense estimated that the officers of the Russian units were likely to threaten and shoot the defectors.

The British Ministry of Defense has announced that the Russian forces have certainly begun to be distributed in the units of “barrier troops” or “blocking units”, which should prevent the desertion of Russian soldiers and superiors.

They added that Putin’s commanders probably want to keep their troops in defensive positions “until death”.

“Recently, Russian generals likely wanted their commanders to use weapons against defectors, possibly including allowing shooting to eliminate such offenders after a warning,” the British report said.

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