Russian soldiers shoot each other thinking they are Ukrainians


While the Russian troops were retreating from the city of Kherson, they were in a panic and were afraid that they could be captured by the Ukrainians.

This in one case made it cost dearly to one of their units, who were shot with weapons precisely by their comrades-in-arms.

The Russian unit that was on a boat was patrolling in a certain area and while they were navigating the water, they started shooting at the houses of Ukrainian civilians.

It was enough for this movement of theirs to alert other Russian units that were a little further away, and confused them thinking they were Ukrainians.

They started shooting them with large-caliber machine guns – that is, with a barrage of bullets. On the other side, the Russian soldiers who were in the boat were constantly shouting and trying to let them know that they are Russian.

“We are yours, we are yours”, the soldiers kept shouting, and at one point, the one who was filming bends down for fear that a bullet might hit him.

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