Russian assets worth 68 billion euros have been frozen


The European Union has frozen a total of 68 billion euros of Russian assets, most of which are in Belgium, according to an internal European Commission document.

Out of a total of 68 million euros of frozen Russian funds, Belgium accounts for 50 billion, followed by Luxembourg with 5.5 billion euros.

When Belgium and Luxembourg are joined by Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria and France, they all account for more than 90 percent of the frozen assets of Russian citizens in the EU.

However, Brussels does not know how much Russian national currency reserves are frozen in the Union.

In the Commission’s internal document, an approximate figure of 33.8 billion euros is stated, but it is added that “this is currently being assessed, so the exact figure is not given”.

Otherwise, Russia launched its unjustified invasion of Ukraine on February 24, causing numerous civilian casualties.

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