Plane crashes in Tanzania, 26 passengers are saved


Tanzania’s commercial airliner has crashed into a lake near the city of Bukobe in the northwest of the country.

There were 43 people inside the plane, where 26 of them were rescued and sent urgently to the hospital.

On the other hand, rescue teams and local fishermen are at the scene looking for other survivors.

Pictures show the plane nearly submerged in water, with only the tail above the water’s surface, surrounded by rescue teams and fishermen.

One corner of the runway at Bukoba Airport is located very close to the shores of Lake Victoria, which is considered the largest in Africa.

The Precision Air airliner was traveling from Tanzania’s largest city, Das es Salaam, to Bukoba, when it encountered thunderstorms and torrential rain.

Precision Air is the largest airline in Tanzania, while local media reports that in addition to those rescued, three deaths have been reported.

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