“Ninja”, the Australian sniper who fought in Ukraine, is killed


An Australian freedom fighter nicknamed “Ninja” has been killed fighting Russian forces in Ukraine.

Trevor Kjeldal, 40, from Brisbane, was reportedly killed in action in Ukraine’s Donbas region this week.

Kjeldal, who was described as “a very precious and beloved member” of his family, is believed to have arrived in Ukraine earlier this year.

Social media posts suggest he was wounded in action in July – suffering near-fatal gunshot wounds – before bravely returning to the front lines in September.

When he was wounded, he received shell wounds to his head. However, he said he had no plans to return to Australia and wanted to stay in Ukraine until the war was over.

Kjedal is believed to have served in the 49th ‘Select Carpathian’ battalion of the Ukrainian army. He was called “Ninja” on social networks, after causing a stir while he was on the front line.

“Ukraine was in trouble, they needed people to come and help, so we came and helped,” he said meanwhile.

In October, he also shared his belief that the tide is turning in Ukraine’s favor. His death was also confirmed by the Australian authorities, who say they are now providing assistance to his family.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also sent his condolences to Kjeldal’s family and friends.

Kjedal’s death follows the death of a 23-year-old man from Washington, USA, “with no military experience, who sneaked out of his family home” to fight in Ukraine.

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