John Bolton: The mood of the Democrats tonight is depressed


Public opinion polls don’t always do the best, but it looks like Democrats are in for a bad night.

The former US National Security Advisor, John Bolton, has said that the mood among Democrats today is “very depressed”.

He said that this “predicts a good situation for the Republicans who will take control of the House and most likely the Senate.”

He described the second term as a “referendum” on Joe Biden’s presidency, noting that the public is dissatisfied with issues including the economic situation and law and order.

By tomorrow, Bolton believes both sides will turn their attention to 2024, when the presidential election will be held.

“A lot of what happens in the next year and a half will set the table for the next election,” he said.

But as for whether Donald Trump will run — as is widely expected — Bolton said he has the “minority view” that the former president will not.

He said he believes Trump will not want to risk being a “loser.”

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