Dozens of Russian recruits refuse to be sent to Ukraine


A mutiny has broken out in Ulyanovsk after more than 100 Russian conscripts refused to be sent to the front line to fight against Ukraine.

The troops revolted because Vladimir Putin’s officials failed to pay a ‘promised’ payment of around 4,800 euros to their families in the impoverished Chuvashia region, they claimed.

A female military officer was earlier seen confronting the men in uniform, amid reports that national guards and OMON riot police were called in to respond.

The officer tells them: ‘Guys, I didn’t promise you 300,000 [rubles]’.

“It’s clear – we were deceived,” said one of them.

The incident reportedly followed an earlier failed attempt to pacify the enraged recruits by army officers.

The military unit was undergoing training in Ulyanovsk before being sent to the front.

Ukraine’s General Staff has previously said that Russian private military companies were recruiting prisoners from the city’s prisons to go to war.

Critics say men are being sent “as cannon fodder” to the front, but thousands have been lured by promises of payments far higher than their usual wages.

However, the money that was supposed to go to their families in the impoverished Chuvashia region never arrived.

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