Blood is flowing everywhere, we lost 300 soldiers


Russians are lamenting the heavy losses suffered by the Russian navy brigade, on the other hand the governor of the Primorski Kraj district in the Far East denied the alleged complaints by the soldiers, which refer to the number of soldiers killed in the battles.

Members of the Russian Navy’s 155th Brigade are normally stationed in the Pacific, but they complained in a letter to the governor of Primorsky Krai that after four days of fighting in Donetsk, they had lost 300 soldiers.

This number includes the killed, wounded and their comrades who are considered missing.

Governor Oleg Kozhemyanko published the video on Telegram, where it is emphasized that “there were big losses, but not of those proportions” as claimed in the letter.

There seems to be an attempt to hide the bitter reality, he said, which is what his superiors assured the soldiers from the battlefield – adding that military investigators should look into the case if someone here is not telling the truth.

The letter contains accusations against Russian commanders who are sending soldiers on “unimaginable offensives”.

They even complained that one brigade lost half of its military equipment. “Blood is flowing everywhere”, it said among other things.

They accused their superiors of trying to hide heavy losses and of not caring at all about the soldiers’ welfare. It was even stated in the letter that the commanders call them cannon fodder.

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