American Javelin blows up Russian tank


With the acquisition of advanced weapons from Western countries, the Ukrainian army has become a “terror” for the Russian army, whose military equipment is being destroyed more and more every day.

From the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army, images of military actions are constantly published, where planes, drones, helicopters, armored cars and Russian tanks are seen being destroyed by Ukrainian artillery and drones.

The most recent case has been filmed, where the tank of Vladimir Putin’s army is blown up with the American Javelin (anti-tank projectile).

This projectile has so far destroyed hundreds of armored vehicles of the Russians, who have publicly admitted that almost half of the equipment they had since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been destroyed.

In the video published below, it is seen how the Ukrainians target the Russian tank, and after firing the projectile it reaches its destination and after contact it is seen when the armored vehicle explodes.

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